Thursday, December 29, 2016

Modal Beauty

MODAL, from the title Modal Beauty, is an acronym. It stands for:


These are characteristics I believe exist in everyone -- some people just focus on them more than others 😋

I hope to expand upon these characteristics both on this blog, in how I structure future giveaways, and whom I do collaborations with. 

Also, in an effort to be a more "Modal" individual, I will be transitioning to a plant-based mediterranean diet starting January 2017. In simplistic terms, I will be eating predominately vegan, but will still allow myself fish once in a while. This site, and my youtube channel, will document this journey.

Beauty... reflects not only my love for makeup, but the beauty which can be found in everyone in all different situations. All it takes is the right photograph and an intuitive perspective. 

I do LOVE doing an individual's makeup. I love how it makes them feel and I love how each face is a new canvas with a million possibilities.